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First, my name is pronounced dee-nah (yeah, thanks ma). I am a certified Jersey girl and will always be. I'm a mom, a wife, and a lover of all things creative! I have experience in corporate america, entertainment, media, and makeup artistry, yeah, definitely a dabbler in just about everything, I refuse to be placed in a box. I also love giving life advice, and it seems that friends, family and even strangers enjoy my unfiltered views. 

I grew up between Belleville, NJ and Newark, NJ and attended 6 different elementary, middle and high schools. Talk about diversity! My old-timey from the deep south grandmother raised me...soooo...yeah, be careful with me.  I'm a domestic violence survivor, extremely opinionated, and a major foodie. Anything else you want to know, just ask!

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Outside of my family...I love anything that has to do with creating something from nothing. I love writing on all all topics including life, love, & relationships, current events, beauty, and travel. I also enjoy enhancing beautiful faces with makeup and encouragement. Finally, give me a microphone, and I am in heaven! Oh...or a Hennessy & coke...ijs. What are you waiting for? Click the menu above and enter my world!

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